Waterproofing and Repairs | Masonry | Chimneys | Coping | Rehoboth, MA
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Trust the qualified team for repairs

When something has gone wrong with your masonry, turn to the same experts that you rely on for installations. We know how to quickly and effectively fix your installations, preventing further costly damage and leaving you with a functional and attractive space.


You can trust that our team knows the most about these projects, because we're backed by more than 20 years of experience.


Turn to the team that's fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Invest in your space

Your masonry work is valuable, and it make your home or business more beautiful and functional. Don't let anything threaten that! Instead, turn to the experts in repair and waterproofing.


We'll protect your valuable chimney, driveway, drains, concrete, and more. With our effective waterproofing, you'll avoid water damage and cracking that would otherwise threaten your space. Speak to us today for more details!

Fix anything

 •  Foundations

 •  Chimneys

 •  Driveway repairs

 •  Coping

 •  Swimming pool patios

 •  Stamped concrete

 •  French drains

 •  Sump pumps

 •  And more!

Turn to the local business that's a proud part of our community here in the Providence area.

Don't let small issues get worse!